Simon Cheng

From Simon:

FPV lets you experience the world in a way that was not possible previously, it can be a life changing experience.  When I saw my first FPV video in 2013 I immediately wanted to build my own quadcopter, but it was not until the spring of 2015 when I finally completed my first FPV mini quad flight. The thrill of seeing something I had built take flight was breathtaking. Seeing the world from above was inspiring. Ever since those first formative flights, I have been hopelessly addicted to FPV. In the past I have had participated in many different sports and subcultures; skateboarding, art, music, video games, sport bikes, but nothing has compared to the thrill and gratification that comes from flying a miniquad FPV.

The power of the motors and the precision of control is absolutely unparalleled, granting a person a supernatural ability to explore the surrounding environment and playing with movement in ways never before possible by a man made machine. I have always loved making art and expressing myself through movement and form; FPV freestyle has opens a new dimension for our human minds to explore that has not previously existed. We are just stating to scratch the surface of what can be achieved when there are no limits. Fly FPV everyday!

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Stigg 195 Build Spec: Coming soon...

Speed Addict 210-R Build Spec: Coming soon...