Below are links to everything needed to build up your own Speed Addict 210-R to our Catalyst Team Spec. This setup has been proven and tested by our team pilots and represents the ultimate possible performance equipment that our shop has to offer. If any item in this list is out of stock please email us for current lead time to restock. 



Electronic Speed Controller (You need 4)

ESC Programmer

Props (You need 3 sets, minimum) 

Flight Controller 

Power Distribution Board / OSD

RC Receiver 

RC Transmitter

FPV Camera

FPV Video Transmitter

FPV Antenna Pair

XT60 - Male

Lipo Pigtail Wire 

HD Camera Mounts

Servo Cable (We suggest 3)

Lipo Battery (Flight time is 2.5 - 5 minutes per pack depending on how YOU fly)